Crossroads is a uniquely designed facility that houses three separate programs:  an Assessment Center, an Acute Treatment Unit (ATU), and a Detox Unit.

Assessment Center
The Assessment Center houses the Durango Emergency Services Team, which responds to crisis calls and requests for Emergency Assessments at several Durango locations.  Emergency Assessments are provided for anyone who walks into or is brought to the Assessment during business hours as well.  These evaluations determine immediate service needs, crisis placement, and follow-up plans.  Admission to the ATU is also processed through the Assessment Center.


Acute Treatment Unit
The Crossroads ATU is a 15-bed residential acute treatment unit.  It provides short-term psychiatric care (which may include substance abuse treatment) in a 24-hour therapeutically planned and professionally staffed environment for persons who do not require inpatient hospitalization but need more intense and individual services, such as crisis management and stabilization services, than are available on an outpatient basis.  Admission is based upon a comprehensive pre-admission assessment of the client’s physical health, mental health, substance use, and social needs, preferences, and capacity for self-care.  Daily assessment and clinical staffings are conducted, with client being discharged after meeting individual care plan goals.  The ATU provides supportive services locally to a segment of our population who would otherwise face potential transport to and hospitalization in a Front Range hospital or Pueblo.  The average length of stay at the ATU is 4 days compared to an average stay at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo of 14 days.

The Crossroads facility also contains a Detox Unit that is in close proximity to the emergency room at Mercy Regional Medical Center.  The Detox Unit allows persons to be held at the Unit and monitored while they overcome intoxication from drugs or alcohol.  They may also receive an Emergency Assessment, if it is indicated.


Common Area in the ATU

Text Box: Axis Health System was known formerly as Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center.  Community mental health has evolved into behavioral health, which is an important part of healthcare. Our name change reflects the expanded role we are playing and will play in the future as an essential healthcare provider in our communities.
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